Ways to Get More Facebook Reviews

Today’s world is a connected one, and with the internet at their fingertips, customers are increasingly relying on reviews to make purchase decisions. While no business can afford to ignore customer reviews, getting them can be challenging. Here, small business owners will learn how to get more facebook reviews.

Run Email Campaigns

Emails are a great way to encourage customers to review the products they’ve purchased, and the world’s biggest companies do it. Asking buyers to provide reviews via email is an easy-to-automate, relatively inexpensive process. Don’t try to bring them in with fancy graphics, instead, send a simple message with a request for a brief review.

Consider a Retargeting Campaign

To get buyers to leave a review, run an ad that asks them to do so. However, instead of targeting the entire audience, focus on those who are on the company’s email list. Upload customers’ email addresses to Facebook so the company can serve ads to them; they’ll be happy to see messages from businesses they trust! While using a paid method is the costliest channel, retargeting is often less expensive than other online advertising options.

Create Social Media Posts

If the company already has a loyal social media following, that’s a great place to learn how to get facebook reviews. People are already scrolling; if so, they may have time to leave a short review. Giving them a reward may help, and it gives companies a chance to see how customers respond to different offers.

Show Messages In-App

Software and app developers can easily display messages within those platforms asking for Facebook reviews. It’s easiest to do this when customers have experienced delightful moments. By catching buyers at the right time, companies are more likely to get the favorable reviews they seek.

Make the Review Process Simple

The easier the review process is, the faster the company can learn how to get facebook reviews. Try to get customers directly onto the review page rather than sending them through several pages. Consider how long it takes to leave a review; generally, the less time it takes, the more customers are willing to participate.

Get Started

Strategies such as these will contribute to the company’s Facebook marketing strategy and strengthen the bottom of the sales funnel. The more reviews there are, the harder it is for competitors to catch up. Visit the website to learn more or call today to get started.

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